The Future of Africa


It makes sense for all interested parties to either join efforts or work individually for their survival and ensure that the world’s second largest continent stand on its feet. The long list of troubles that hold Africa back is known, from natural disasters to ethnic conflicts, there is no shortage of trouble. On the bright side, it is the ideal grounds for the ambitious social entrepreneurs to get their feet wet and receive real life experience.

Overall, you cannot deny that Africa is receiving foreign aids day after day, whether in the form of diplomatic efforts, donations, money, or investment. You name it; there is a use for it in Africa.

However, Africa needs more than humanitarian aid; it needs to unite under the same goals. Escaping poverty, ending wars, changing the entire paradigm. The time will come when they have to choose between standing up and barely surviving. Moreover, the advance of technology is a plausible way out. Technology is an excellent tool for change, so will Africans use it to free themselves or use it in more destruction?

We will see.

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