Africa’s Greatest Wealth? Land.

Africa is the New Land of Opportunity

Africa is indeed in dire need for great humanitarian efforts, and that does not only come from the west. Eastern countries like India, Japan, and China are beginning to invest more in Africa.

Recently, Morocco has re-joined the African Union (AU) after Indian diplomatic efforts. It possibly may be a push forward for a real African unity that has always been ink on paper. While humanitarian efforts in Africa is needed, it is logical to think that Africans themselves will free the continent from the misery that plagued since the European colonial ages.

There is a significant opportunity for investors in Africa, but they have to go many obstacles, which make them postpone their participation. Now is the time. According to the World Bank, the housing problem in Africa will require consistent efforts to begin refreshing the economy as many African people are living in slums. Urbanization is critical. Programs in long term care are lacking, unlike their abundance in the United States.

Furthermore, the UN plays a significant role in solving the South Sudan refugees’ crisis. As they are pouring into neighboring countries which already needs help. It seems like billions of dollars is spent on resolving this important issue, and there appears to be no solution on the horizon. That is not a reason to be pessimistic about the future it is the just reality. A reality that you and I can change if we put our hands together as individual helping other people.

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