Humanitarian Aid in Africa

American Humanitarian Aids in Africa

From the west, countries such as Germany are starting to invest in African nations like Kenya. Although Germany has never shown a particular interest in investing in African countries, this seems to be changing rapidly. As always the case, corruption might stand in the way of such efforts. Singapore is also trying to emulate their model in Rwanda, which is a growing African economy growing 8% every year. Rwanda has just survived a genocide. Rebuilding the nation strong with or without foreign aid is determined.

The Trump administration seems skeptic about foreign aid to Africa. However, with the substantial involvement of the Chinese and their investment in Africa, Africa could benefit from the American-Chinese competition on “world leadership.” It could be grounds for the manifestation of that tension, where the west meets the east. It is still early to predict how indirectly (or directly) all of that will affect humanitarian aids in Africa and as international relationship are unpredictable by nature; the following decades will prove interesting for anyone interested in Africa.

It is sure that there is still a long way to see the results of all the hard work the NGOs, multinationals, and nations are spending in Africa as noted above. In addition, many variables make it hard to predict what is next for The Motherland, but certainly, the humanitarian aid in Africa will go on as even when it is in a miserable state it is still a big portion of the world’s economy.

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