The Challenge of Africa

The Many Challenges that Africa Face

Companies of all sizes are already involved in building Africa and bringing a better future for millions of Africans. Multinational organizations and social entrepreneurs alike are on the ground. They are creating hope and prosperity through establishing businesses, which utilizes the enormous unemployed workforce in Africa.

Humanitarian efforts in Africa does not stop here; international organizations are also participating in helping millions of Africans find water, shelter, and jobs. It may take long decades before our generation sees visible progress, but if we do not do something about it now, we cannot expect to see any changes happening anytime soon.

Many challenges face African people, diseases like AIDS and Tuberculosis are reaping the souls of thousands upon thousands each year. Contaminated water, if available, is but one reason that causes AIDS. Women are forced into prostitution to provide for their families. Challenges like these and more are waiting for innovative entrepreneurs to find creative solutions.

Africa is still closed to the rest of the world. It is no mystery that there are vast unpopulated lands in Africa. These properties are typically owned by corrupted governments that misuse or neglect those vital resources altogether. African cities are disorganized and poorly connected, and that creates a gap in finding jobs or even moving from place to place.

That lack of infrastructure leads to highly priced food and costly living. Making poverty reign supreme. Western media is always portraying Africa as a poverty-stricken continent, war-torn, and dangerous place to be. While that is true, also a modern civilized Africa is rarely discussed in Western media.

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