The Future of Africa


It makes sense for all interested parties to either join efforts or work individually for their survival and ensure that the world’s second largest continent stand on its feet. The long list of troubles that hold Africa back is known, from natural disasters to ethnic conflicts, there is no shortage of trouble. On the bright side, it is the ideal grounds for the ambitious social entrepreneurs to get their feet wet and receive real life experience.

Overall, you cannot deny that Africa is receiving foreign aids day after day, whether in the form of diplomatic efforts, donations, money, or investment. You name it; there is a use for it in Africa.

However, Africa needs more than humanitarian aid; it needs to unite under the same goals. Escaping poverty, ending wars, changing the entire paradigm. The time will come when they have to choose between standing up and barely surviving. Moreover, the advance of technology is a plausible way out. Technology is an excellent tool for change, so will Africans use it to free themselves or use it in more destruction?

We will see.

Africa’s Greatest Wealth? Land.

Africa is the New Land of Opportunity

Africa is indeed in dire need for great humanitarian efforts, and that does not only come from the west. Eastern countries like India, Japan, and China are beginning to invest more in Africa.

Recently, Morocco has re-joined the African Union (AU) after Indian diplomatic efforts. It possibly may be a push forward for a real African unity that has always been ink on paper. While humanitarian efforts in Africa is needed, it is logical to think that Africans themselves will free the continent from the misery that plagued since the European colonial ages.

There is a significant opportunity for investors in Africa, but they have to go many obstacles, which make them postpone their participation. Now is the time. According to the World Bank, the housing problem in Africa will require consistent efforts to begin refreshing the economy as many African people are living in slums. Urbanization is critical. Programs in long term care are lacking, unlike their abundance in the United States.

Furthermore, the UN plays a significant role in solving the South Sudan refugees’ crisis. As they are pouring into neighboring countries which already needs help. It seems like billions of dollars is spent on resolving this important issue, and there appears to be no solution on the horizon. That is not a reason to be pessimistic about the future it is the just reality. A reality that you and I can change if we put our hands together as individual helping other people.

Humanitarian Aid in Africa

American Humanitarian Aids in Africa

From the west, countries such as Germany are starting to invest in African nations like Kenya. Although Germany has never shown a particular interest in investing in African countries, this seems to be changing rapidly. As always the case, corruption might stand in the way of such efforts. Singapore is also trying to emulate their model in Rwanda, which is a growing African economy growing 8% every year. Rwanda has just survived a genocide. Rebuilding the nation strong with or without foreign aid is determined.

The Trump administration seems skeptic about foreign aid to Africa. However, with the substantial involvement of the Chinese and their investment in Africa, Africa could benefit from the American-Chinese competition on “world leadership.” It could be grounds for the manifestation of that tension, where the west meets the east. It is still early to predict how indirectly (or directly) all of that will affect humanitarian aids in Africa and as international relationship are unpredictable by nature; the following decades will prove interesting for anyone interested in Africa.

It is sure that there is still a long way to see the results of all the hard work the NGOs, multinationals, and nations are spending in Africa as noted above. In addition, many variables make it hard to predict what is next for The Motherland, but certainly, the humanitarian aid in Africa will go on as even when it is in a miserable state it is still a big portion of the world’s economy.

The Challenge of Africa

The Many Challenges that Africa Face

Companies of all sizes are already involved in building Africa and bringing a better future for millions of Africans. Multinational organizations and social entrepreneurs alike are on the ground. They are creating hope and prosperity through establishing businesses, which utilizes the enormous unemployed workforce in Africa.

Humanitarian efforts in Africa does not stop here; international organizations are also participating in helping millions of Africans find water, shelter, and jobs. It may take long decades before our generation sees visible progress, but if we do not do something about it now, we cannot expect to see any changes happening anytime soon.

Many challenges face African people, diseases like AIDS and Tuberculosis are reaping the souls of thousands upon thousands each year. Contaminated water, if available, is but one reason that causes AIDS. Women are forced into prostitution to provide for their families. Challenges like these and more are waiting for innovative entrepreneurs to find creative solutions.

Africa is still closed to the rest of the world. It is no mystery that there are vast unpopulated lands in Africa. These properties are typically owned by corrupted governments that misuse or neglect those vital resources altogether. African cities are disorganized and poorly connected, and that creates a gap in finding jobs or even moving from place to place.

That lack of infrastructure leads to highly priced food and costly living. Making poverty reign supreme. Western media is always portraying Africa as a poverty-stricken continent, war-torn, and dangerous place to be. While that is true, also a modern civilized Africa is rarely discussed in Western media.

Africa: The Motherland


The Motherland is a fertile land of entrepreneurial opportunities. It is one of the richest continents from gold and diamond mines to beautiful secluded island. The resources of Africa remains for the most part untapped. Despite the colorful cultures and long history, most of the African countries are in deep political turmoil and striking poverty.

The Birthplace of Humanity is calling you to reach out and lend a helping hand to rebuild its glory. Large populations are barely surviving, and you can do something about it. Whether through foreign donations or active involvement you, yes you, can play a vital role.